The bright yellow-colored spice in your kitchen can prove to be the perfect health supplement for your canine partner. You have guessed it correctly, we are talking about ‘turmeric’ and its innumerable health advantages for your furry friend. As a widely-used spice and cooking ingredient in Asian as well as Middle Eastern culinary specialties, turmeric has been there for quite some time now.

Apart from its bright yellowish tinge and the taste it adds to palatable platters, turmeric is also popular for its notable health benefits. Whether it is your pet dog or their human counterparts, turmeric can ensure good health for one and all.

Research reveals

Regular intake of turmeric can lead to detoxification, anti-inflammation, and a sound digestive health. If you want your pet dog to stay healthy, happy, and hearty, adding turmeric to its diet will be the smartest thing to do. The prime ingredient in this spice is curcumin, which makes up almost 3-6% of turmeric. When your four-legged companion takes it regularly, it develops a sound immune system along with achieving effective relief against several canine conditions.

Majority of dog owners wonder about the ways to add turmeric to their pet’s diet. With some of the leading pet food suppliers like Pets World offering a range of exclusive dog food and health products, it becomes easier to supplement your pet dog’s diet with the right amount of turmeric.

Identifying the health advantages of Turmeric

Turmeric can be beneficial for your dog in ways more than one. With unique medicinal properties, turmeric can ensure good health, a strong immune system, and a healthy digestive process. Here are some of the benefits of this ingredient:

1) Anti-inflammatory

Chronic inflammation is a potential health issue in dogs. It can turn out to be devastating as critical ailments such as arthritis, cancer, dental disease, renal issues, and digestive problems are caused by it.

Bacterial or viral exposure can lead to severe inflammation. However, the WBCs present in your dog’s body can heal it quickly. Low-grade and chronic inflammation plays the villainous part here. Such inflammations lead to degenerative disorders which can affect dog health to a great extent.

It’s right here that turmeric proves to be the perfect ingredient. With curcumin as its main constituent, turmeric has the potential to outperform ibuprofen as well as aspirin. As a result, your canine friend will get targeted relief against critical and severe inflammation.

2) Relief from arthritic pain

Stiffness and unbearable pain in the joints can affect your pet dog severely. Medical research reveals the importance of turmeric in curing arthritic pain in dogs. According to several clinical studies conducted in Thailand, turmeric proved to be as beneficial as ibuprofen in curing critical joint pain. The presence of curcumin is the main reason for this therapeutic quality. If your pet dog is suffering from joint aches or severe arthritic pain, treating it with turmeric will help the creature a lot.

3) Combating cancer

Turmeric displays exceptional properties when it comes to fighting against cancer. Repetitive and generative cell inflammation can lead to the birth of cancerous cells. It’s here that you need to take note of the issue in the early stages and start the treatment. Reports from a popular and reliable UK study reveals the role of curcumin in treating cancer.

Since the chances of adult dogs getting affected by this deadly disease is quite high, addition of turmeric to their daily food will be a prime requisite. By halting and stopping the growth of cancerous cells, turmeric can keep cancer at bay.

4) Replacing steroids

Some of the dogs suffer from critical joint pains and chronic arthritis. Vets can prescribe steroids as effective treatments for these health conditions. However, the side effects of steroids might not be that conducive to your dog’s health.

Turmeric is a natural and safe replacement of steroids. It works excellently when supplemented with regular food and can perform better than many of the popular OTC dog medications. The natural ingredients and pure extracts of curcumin retain the medicinal value. As a result, you and your pet dog can do away with the nasty side effects of steroids.