Dog Detects Skin Cancer

Dogs seem to have a sixth sense, but it turns out they might also have a “sick sense.” Lauren Gauthier rescued a one-eyed dog, named Victoria, but in the end, it was Victoria who saved Lauren, according to Inside Edition.

“She’d been literally putting her nose onto my nose where the cancer was,” Gauthier said in an interview with Inside Edition. “My dog’s persistence in smelling that area made me wonder if there was something suspicious about it.”

Gauthier listened to Victoria and saw her doctor about the spot, then had surgery to remove the cancer.

It turns out the dog sense that saved Gauthier isn’t just a one-off occurrence. “Dogs’ powerful noses have 300 million sensors, compared with a human’s measly 5 million,” reported CNN.

“In addition, dogs have a second smelling device in the backs of their noses that we don’t have, called Jacobson’s organ. That double smelling system allows trained dogs to detect cancer’s unique odors, called volatile organic compounds.”

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